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Hello! I'm a professional freelancer from Hyderabad, India. Having 9+ years of experience as a Full Stack Developer offers a wide spectrum of software related services, web based services, delivering packages which include required Mentoring, Consulting, Designing, Development, Integration, Testing and Maintenance.
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With over 9+ years of experience, focused innovative solutions, I deliver the most effective solutions cutting down your costs and helping you beat deadlines.

Expertise in e-Commerce, Application Development coded with PHP and MySQL database, besides Programming, I am experienced with Website Redesign, Website Repairs, WordPress theme development, small business Web Hosting and Digital Marketing services too.

Works on a bunch of projects, everything from single page applications to help build the brand new eCommerce stores, to live bidding platforms, to booking systems, to business portals, to online business systems, to eLearning platforms, to user interfaces, to blogs and even fully functional custom social networks and more. I’ve been a key part of internal framework teams that built frameworks for in-house departments of tens of developers.

Provides more than just web services though for a wide range of clients and businesses, You can hire me as a website consultant to guide you through every new phase of development for your websites, ecommerce portals and custom builds.

I also love to teach, write and talk about technology.

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As an integral element of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), I'm offering a special discounted price for Non Government Organisations (NGOs), Non Profit Organisations (NPOs) and Government Institutions (Education).

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When there are strong values, commitment and solid processes in place, you get the best possible support in the industry. My support is insanely fast on phone, chat & ticket and I'm available 24/7!